Gargoyles / Grotesques

These pieces are inspired by actual historical examples from medieval European churches, and from their current appearances on modern buildings.

Gargoyles were once meant to project the power of the church over the masses by their fearsome, distorted and disturbing images on the exterior walls. They faced outwards to confront all the approaching evils of a complicated world, so that once inside, the church became a place of sanctity and safety, conveyed by its awesome beauty in sight and sound.

Some gargoyles were merely decorative, or designed to disgorge rainwater through their open mouths, a further enhancement of their nastiness. But mainly they embodied, in an animated accusing style, that which infects or weakens our character.

Today, gargoyles are referred to as grotesques. We relate to them in a much more lighthearted way. They play an entirely different role and evoke a different appreciation as interesting historical icons.

The pieces are made of fired clay and have been surface treated to enable them to be placed outside. It would be wise to bring them indoors in the winter. Size: 4″ x 4″ to 8″ x 8″

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