A natural extension of mask making is to render the full body, and its language. Modeling the human body is an exact science in many ways and if you want the viewer to accept a figurative sculpture, you need to achieve some level of familiarity. But it’s a rare event when you can say you’ve rendered the form perfectly. I’m pretty sure I never will; I hope instead that an instance of human animation comes across. Each of my figures is meant to express an attitude or inner life. Sometimes the figure is engaged with their own thoughts, or the figure’s attention is on something external. In either case, I want my sculptures to represent us, not the classical ideal.

The pieces often are posed on a stone or a piece of wood. Some have been sold in pairs and some as bookends. Their sizes range from 8 inches to 2 feet in height and are made of fired clay, coloured and sprayed with a clear acrylic coating.. For some I have made molds and cast a series of 6 or 8 in plaster, or winterstone.

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